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A local radio station for Inchicore and Kilmainham playing new Country, Classic County, and Country 'n Irish 24 hours a day. 

With local news and information for Kilmainham and Inchicore, we're bringing Country to the 'Core.

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For the first time in Ireland, we air the ACM Awards nominee radio special this weekend.

New Music Added To Our Playlist

Lindsay Ell

Of her new track Lindsay Ell says; “‘Hits me’ is the song that started this whole record. It was the first song that I wrote and knew that I’d written something special. The first drum hit is where all the magic starts and I think that most people can relate to the feeling of shock that this song is about. Particularly now, given the circumstance we’ve collectively been living through this past year.” 

Tune in today to catch 'Hits Me' right here on Total Country Inchicore.

MacKenzie Porter

“You know when you’re dating someone, and you have ‘your song.’ The one you pick together to be the theme song of your relationship…. the one where every lyric seems to be singing about your love…. this is about THAT song…. after you breakup,” shares MacKenzie Porter. “It’s the one that now magically seems to come on the radio every single time you get into the car just to remind you what was once yours. The song that used to make you feel so secure and whole – but now it’s just another one of your drinkin’ songs.”

Decide for yourself by having a listen  'Drinkin' Songs' playlisted right here on Total Country Inchicore.

Robynn Shayne

 It's 2021 and Robynn Shayne is ready to get the show on the road with her new single "Let's Get This Show On The Road"! This is the title track from Robynn's 4th studio album with the same name. With those Waylon beats, "Let's Get This Show On The Road" is a song about pulling that trigger on the next level of any relationship. You're either in or you're out. So, let's get this show on the road by tuning into us  right here on Total Country Inchicore


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